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My first visit to the doctor

Varicose veins, spider veins, swollen legs are the most common reasons for visiting a phlebologist. Your first meeting will last about an hour, during which time a series of tests will be conducted, from which your doctor will be able to develop the the optimal treatment plan.

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Comprehensive review - 15 min

  • Following international protocols, before your exam, you fill out forms providing basic information about the state of your health.
  • Your doctor will discuss with you your main complaints, status of your general condition and a number of other important issues.
  • Following which your doctor will conduct a detailed examination of your legs, taking into account the main points of your concern.

Photofixation - 5 min

  • To document the initial state of your condition, your doctor will photograph not only the problem areas but your entire leg.
  • Based on the photos and questionnaire information, an individual medical file will be created enabling you to compare the results of treatment. It will also provide a reference point for observing changes in the condition of the legs.

Veins visualization with augmented reality (AR) device - 20 min

This is the latest vein visualization method used by the worlds best centers of aesthetic phlebology. The detail provided by this method enables us to see the real source of the disease.

Vein Ultrasound Duplex Scanning - 20 min

As many varicose veins are located under the skin, they are invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, to fix their location and size, we perform ultrasound duplex scanning of the deep and superficial venous system. This procedure allows us to determine the presence of venous reflux or valve insufficiency in the main trunks, perforating veins or to localize the hidden varicose veins, which is often the cause of the varices.


  • Based on the data from all examinations, you will receive explanations regarding the current state of the venous system, as well as possible connection with other diseases.
  • Given the characteristics of the disease and lifestyle, we will choose the safest and most effective treatment option. Modern phlebology is focused on an individual approach and has dozens of new minimally invasive techniques in its arsenal to treat these conditions. This allows you to adjust the duration and cost of treatment.
  • If your examination determines you require compression underwear, we will select it based on the degree of compression needed and discuss how to wear it correctly.
  • Health is determined lifestyle choices, so at the conclusion of your exam we will discuss the personal reasons why you have developed varicose veins and the possible factors for progression. You will receive personalized recommendations on lifestyle, hobbies and sports activities.